Bob Aves Group at Caylabne Resort part2

Photos from Tita Ning's site:

Hungry musicians. Left to Right: Simon Tan, Tusa Montes, Arnold Jallores. Bob Aves, Ria Osorio. Standing: Dex Osorio

Setting up, soundcheck. My setup is: 2 keyboards connected to my laptop via 2 MIDI I-O's. All sounds come from Reason, which holds Bob Aves's own sampled Kulintang, Gandingan and Saranay sounds, mostly from South Cotabato . These are sounds not available in existing sample libraries, so I feel very lucky to have them (I got permission to use them in my projects). I also use Ableton Live, which contains all the pads programmed by Bob.

After soundcheck, I thought we still had time to dress up (or dress down since this is a beach resort), but it turned out that the gig started away. Notice the huge crowd that came to watch us!

Yeah. People or no people watching, we enjoyed playing. Except for the part where my volume settings in Reason (the piano sound, MIDI input 2) kept being triggered by the controller (RD 700). Till the end of the gig, I wasn't able to fix it. There were some settings in the RD700 which were sending unwanted MIDI signals, and even after the gig, I still wasn't able to figure it out, as I couldn't find the "transmit MIDI" page, just a "receive MIDI" page. Suggestions?

Tusa Montes with Bob's custom MIDI Kulintang. I really think that is a genius endeavor. The bottom part (nearer to the player) usually triggers Gandingan samples, or the lower gongs I think. (Tusa tama ba?)

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Smokin' Jorge!

Group shot. Us with the organizers

This was the weather during the gig. No sun, but we're happy enough that it didn't rain yet, even if there was a storm brewing.

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