The Spaces in Between

Received some requests via email regarding the lyrics of this one. Here’s The Spaces in Between, a song I wrote for the original soundtrack album of RPG Metanoia. Since most other songs in the album are from the viewpoint of the main character, I decided to write one from the viewpoint of his mother.

The Spaces in Between
Music and Lyrics by Ria Osorio

You ask me how I’m doing
I’m doing fine
Try not to miss you all the time

Most days, it’s easy
My endless task
Of groceries, laundry, and taking out the trash

The neighbors and TV
They keep me company
But I miss you in the spaces in between

The growing boy has
His tales to tell
Sometimes I can’t keep up, but he’s doing well

He can be stubborn
Wants his own way
He’s becoming more like you each day

He’s got my attention
But I wonder if he sees
That I miss you in the spaces in between

I’m usually preoccupied for most of my day
I drown out the restlessness with the mundane
But at night when all is quiet and I lay me down to sleep
Beside me is an empty space, an empty space

While heading out today
I paused to feel
The morning sunshine on our busy street

And then I realized
That’s what you are
You are the reason that I’ve made it this far

I wish I could hold you
But for now I’d have to be
Satisfied with the spaces in between

‘Cause all that surrounds me
Is but a waking dream
And I long for you
In the spaces in between

Playdates for PI Jazzfest

To those who might be interested, here is my schedule for the Philippine International Jazz Festival.

Feb. 11 - Noel Cabangon @ Glorietta, Ayala Center, Makati. 6pm
along with Mel Villena’s A.M.P. Big Band, Johnny and Rosanna Gaerlan

Feb. 19 - Mishka Adams @ Bacolod Jazz Festival. 6pm
along with artists Sinosikat, Boy Katindig, Nancy Brew feat. Logic Band

Feb. 21 - Mishka Adams @ Jazz at Salon de Ning, The Peninsula Manila. 10pm
Mishka Adams (London)
Aya Korem, Adam Ben Amitai (Israel)
Jerianne, Shane and the Brown Union

Feb. 22 - Mishka Adams @ Cultural Nights. Greenbelt 3 Park, Ayala Center, Makati. 8pm

Feb. 25 - Mishka Adams @ ABS CBN Night. Rockwell Tent. 6pm
main attraction will be FOURPLAY with Bob James, Nathan East, Chuck Loeb, Harvey Mason
also featuring Jon Irabagon

view the full PI Jazzfest 2011 schedule here -

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January saw me writing a lot of chamber and string quartet stuff, particularly for weddings. Wedding gigs aren’t my cup of tea, really.. but I just had to take the projects that came to me in January because they were quite out-of-the-ordinary. One involved three tunes from U2, arranged for string quartet.. the other involved this cool song from the chillout group, Bliss. The couple chose this song for their wedding march: I wrote an arrangement for that, for strings and woodwinds and choir, and my arranger friend Denis Catli did the programming for the backing tracks.

For February, it’s looking to be a busy month in terms of arrangements and jazz gigs. Recorded 5 tunes for my friend Ronald Tomas for his jazz album. In the meantime, Lea Salonga will be performing with the Bangkok Symphony on Feb. 14, so my cohorts and I are rushing some arrangements for that. I also have a few strings-y stuff to do for Noel Cabangon’s upcoming album. Then, I’ll be playing for Mishka Adams and Noel Cabangon for the Philippine International Jazz Festival. (here’s my sched)

In other news, I’ll be running my third half-marathon race on Feb. 6. I wasn’t able to finish my second race last November, due to sleepless nights (while scoring RPG Metanoia) and a foot/ankle injury, so in a way, I’ll be happy with a nice, injury-free finish for this upcoming one.

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