Some Photos from our Hong Kong Trip

Gerard Salonga was invited to conduct the Hong Kong Philharmonic for their concert with Elisa Chan, one of the top singers in Hong Kong. Gerard, along with me, JD Villanueva and Marvin Querido, also arranged some tunes for this show. Dex and I, together with the other arrangers, came over to Hong Kong to watch the concert and the rehearsals. It was such a treat for us - HKPO is a stellar orchestra!

I’ve set my Facebook albums to public, so just hop on over there for the photos. I don’t really have time to blog about the trip in detail, so..

Hong Kong trip Day 1
Hong Kong trip Day 2 - watched HKPO rehearsals and had lots of dimsum
Hong Kong trip Day 3 - watched HKPO rehearsals and headed over to Sai Kung, seafood city.
Hong Kong trip Day 4 - saw Hong Kong Disneyland musicians, our friends from the Philippines. Also watched the HKPO matinee concert but I have no photos of that..
Hong Kong trip Day 5 - after the concert, we went on a junk boat trip with some of the members of HKPO.

Here are photos of the trip from Marvin Querido.


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