Updates since the time I last wrote:

1. My colleagues and I are arranging for our company’s choir album. The company choir, called MusiKo, is set to release their album in a few months’ time.

2. We are also preparing for a huge production - the Musicfest which will be in May.

3. My twin brothers (the youngest in our family) graduated from High School a few days ago, and I gave a speech alongside my mom. I shared a bit about my life as a musician/arranger/orchestrator, and encouraged the High school seniors to pursue what they love. Also mentioned that a lot of jobs today did not exist ten years ago.

4. Mountain biking in trails whenever time would allow.

5. Been also watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

6. Flow gigs are still ongoing (big band/musical/acrobat gigs in PAGCOR, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation)

And last but not the least:

7. Dvorak Cello Concerto, featuring Richard Bamping, Cello. (also see the FILharmoniKA Facebook Page and FILharmoniKA Website)

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