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Our Zhu Jia Jiao Tour

I mentioned in my last post that we met a Filipino fellow in Zhu Jia Jiao who offered to tour us around the town.

Ramil Cueto has been based in Shanghai for about four years. His wife Julia was born in Zhu Jia Jiao and grew up there. So when Ramil offered to tour us around the old town, we couldn't resist! We have had some difficulties in ordering food and going around the town in general. They met us at our hotel at night, and we walked to the heart of the town.

Walking to the old town. These were Ramil, Jorge and Simon, back view.

We passed by some lovely scenery.


They took us to a charming restaurant.

Julia and Ramil ordered food for us. Guess what we found out from Julia while they were ordering food? It was Ramil's birthday that day!

Jorge and Ramil


Group pic by Simon. Jorge, Ramil, Ria, Julia and Tusa

The food arrives.

Lotus plant,with sticky rice inserted into the holes. It tasted sweet and refreshing.


A local water plant (tasted a bit like turnip), with pine nuts.

Escargot. These were huge, and ground pork was stuffed inside.

Ramil went out for a while and came back with this. Tsong tsu, a sticky rice delicacy. It had pork inside, plus a sweetish sauce. Yum! It also cost only 2.5 RMB (about 15pesos)

And now, the main attraction...

Hairy crabs! They were delicious, and had lots of aligue (crab fat)
March of the crabs. March, march, march into our stomachs.

Simon and crab


Everything was so delicious.

After dinner, we walked a bit and looked at some of the shops.

Thank you Ramil and Julia for the experience, and for spending time with us.

(Photos courtesy of Simon, Tusa, and me)

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